If Niagara Falls is Frozen, What’s happening to the Pipes in your Home?

Niagara Falls Freezes OverA super cold blast locked most of the country in ice this week – only to remind us all that while the calendar may show spring is only a few short weeks away – it surely does not feel like that.

Most major U.S. cities have experienced their coldest and snowiest winters in decades, and for the 2nd time this winter, Niagara Falls is mostly frozen. And, as you can imagine, if the liquid in this gigantic waterfall has managed to freeze, the pipes in our homes are certainly vulnerable! No need to panic. The professionals at your local Paul Davis office are available 24/7 and in full-time rescue mode!

Should that groundhog insist on tormenting us all this winter season, you should probably think about contacting the Paul Davis experts in your area…sooner rather than later.