The Dangerous Results of a Drought

It’s summer, which means that temperatures are rising to sweltering levels. While most of us love this kind of weather in Superior, it has its drawbacks. Hot temperatures lead to droughts and fires.

It’s normal to see a number of wildfires around the country during the summer. These fires consume many acres of land, along with homes and other properties. Most of us think that this will never happen to our own home. But it can.

2013 was a historically low year for wildfires, but that brings little solace to the families of 19 firefighters that lost their lives while trying to put out the Yarnell Hill fire in Arizona. This fire started when lightning hit dry ground 80 miles northwest of Phoenix. Because of drought and high temperatures, the fire had an unpredictable course. These brave firefighters were overrun and killed by this dangerous wildfire.

It is important for homeowners to monitor of Superiornearby wildfires and drought levels. Use these two reference websites to avoid the devastating effects of a fire:

Drought Monitor –
USDA Forest Service Fire Mapping –

Call Paul Davis Restoration of the Northland immediately if your home has been damaged by a fire. We will clean up all existing damage, including water damage, and restore your property to the way it looked previously. You can expect timely response and professional care when you choose to work with our fire damage technicians.