Coronavirus Containment Services

As a part of our continued fight against coronavirus, Paul Davis Restoration of the Northland is working to limit exposures, both preemptively, and post contamination. Providing a range of protective barriers & containment solutions, Paul Davis is able protect your employees & the

Office area

general public. These protective builds include, but are not limited to:

  • Plexiglass Protective Barriers

  • Temporary Structures

  • Air Control Systems

  • Disinfection Services

  • Sam 400 Air Treatment

paul davis containment

Whether it is a large inner-city Hospital or a local grocery store, Paul Davis Restoration of the Northland is here to help in any capacity needed. From carpenters to painters – we have staff fit tested and trained to stay safe and help others. Because what we do isn’ t about property. It’s about people.