No one expects winter storms will damage their Superior home, but it does happen. Paul Davis Restoration of the Northland has some advice for you to help safeguard your property from storm damage – we want you to be safe and sound this winter!

  • Check for any loose siding, shingles, and fence boards and make any necessary repairs as soon as you can. Items like this can easily blow off in major storms.
  • Inspect the trees in your yard and have damaged or weak parts removed, especially those near buildings. Using a tree care professional is the best way to safely deal with large limbs and branches.
  • Make sure gutters and downspouts are free of debris so the drainage system can perform its function. Downspouts should send water at least 5’ away from your foundation. Adding a downspout extension is a simple fix for an area. Not correcting these problems can lead to flooding, mold, and termites
  • Be sure you have flashlights, camping lanterns, and/or headlamps easily accessible if a power outage occurs. Make sure they all have fresh batteries, too.
  • Have a supply of water and ready-to-eat food on hand as well. This will help sustain your family in the middle of a crippling storm.

All of us at Paul Davis Restoration of the Northland encourage you, your family, and your home to be storm-ready at all times. Follow these steps to protect your home and sleep easier this winter.